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Soft Matter 2013 Front Cover Issue 24

Soft Matter, Issue 24, Cover Art


Quantification of Feather Structure, Wettability, and Resistance to Liquid Penetration. J. R. Soc. Interface (2014) 11(96) (featured on MIT news)
Srinivasan, S., S. S. Chhatre, J. O. Guardado, K-C Park, A. R. Parker, M. F. Rubner, G. H. McKinley, R. E. Cohen

Dispersity and spinnability: Why highly polydisperse polymer solutions are desirable for electrospinning. Polymer (under review)
L. Palangetic, N. K. Reddy, Srinivasan, S., R. E. Cohen, G. H. McKinley, C. Clasen
Dropwise Condensation of Low Surface Tension Fluids on Omniphobic Surfaces. Scientific Reports (2014), 4, 4158
K. Rykaczewski, A.T. Paxson, M. Staymates, M.L. Walker, X. Sun, S. Anand, S. Srinivasan,G.H. McKinley, J. Chinn, J.H.J. Scott, K.K Varanasi


Optimal Design of Permeable Fiber Network Structures for Fog Harvesting. Langmuir (2013) (featured on MIT news)
K-C. Park, S. S. Chhatre, Srinivasan, S.,  R. E. Cohen, G. H. McKinley.

Utilizing dynamic tensiometry to quantify contact angle hysteresis and wetting state transitions on nonwetting surfaces, Langmuir (2013)
Kleingartner, J.A., Srinivasan, S., Mabry, J., R. E. Cohen, G. H. McKinley.
Drag Reduction for Viscous Laminar Flow on Spray-Coated Non-Wetting Surfaces  
Srinivasan, S., W. Choi, K-C. Park, S. S. Chhatre,  R. E. Cohen, G. H. McKinley (2013). Soft Matter, 9, 5691-5702. (featured on front cover)


Assessing the Accuracy of Contact Angle Measurements for Sessile Drops on Liquid-Repellent Surfaces,
Srinivasan, S., G. H. McKinley, R. E. Cohen (2011). Langmuir 27(22): 13582-13589.

Solution Spraying of Poly(methyl methacrylate) Blends to Fabricate Microtextured, Superoleophobic Surfaces,
Srinivasan, S., S. S. Chhatre, G. H. McKinley, R. E. Cohen. (2011). Polymer 52(14): 3209-3218